True Story of Creation (Egypt)

26. März 2019

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Januar 24, 2018 by eva


März 26, 2019 by eva

I forgot to add the reason for creating this new “true” story in the article: The grid could be fishing for connection-areas in my mind to implant another narrative in my live… if it can create enough resonance in my brain this “archetype” story can be used to ground basic factors for implementing a believesystem about me and my mission in this reality, about my “true” identity, roots, my task, whom I should trust and what I better needed to avoid … like the Pleiadians managed to create a myth about themselves in so many peoples mind while being one of the worst abusers and major violator of all human and universal laws. As I slipped out of my old paradigms, they need to find a new “grip” in my mind to set new buttons. This is how the grid works in general. As I do the same as the grip does – observe the counter-energy, like Atum and Apep spent their first time awake by observing each other. THUS I am aware in the meantime not only of obvious attacks, I also sense most of the attempts to erase an emotional reaction in my brain that could be useful to work with. They search for weak points. For example they keep using the frequency-overlay that makes you percieve words in music, for example, or other soundsources, that usually do not use words. The words arriving are always in a specific amorph sound-area, there are always more than one possibilities to “hear wrongly”. The words your mind choose to hear is then of course a specific trace towards a weak point. Often it (the grid) uses situations, when I am carried away with a specific activity like writing an article or giving information to others – to suddenly arise a feeling of “no, don’t do that!!” warning from a “hidden friend” in my mind, as if I am bringing myself in danger with this specific move. It’s always worth a try, because in reality I permanently DO that, but I try to not overdo it. The trust is reinforced on a daily bases in the “subconscious” mind by often giving me “hints” like this that are really usefull. When I am searching for something. Or if the ashes of the zigarette is about to drop – its the same “friend-energy” that distinctly brings my attention to the zigarette, like : LOOK! .. it even sometimes shows me where devices are hidden when I am attacked. One gets used to this friendly “alt-enery” quickly, and the very same frequency and reflex-behavior routes it uses to lay you astrai later on and grope its way to any possible “paranoia-point-of-associations”. I can identify quite a lot of its “strategies” in the meantime. It needs to sense and create a “map” that is then written in your energy field, a specific field that sourrounds you and is kind of a plug-in-station for all kind of suitable attachments in your specific state of mind and inner being. the many things that occur in your life in a short time, that all seem to fit miracel-like together, is simply orchestred with this field-map automatically. whoever wants to can work with this fear-layout connected even with story-features associated. As I stepped out again completely of my former narrative recently they need to implement another one. Which is also why same annoying things keep repeating itself without causing real menace for my life. To study my reactions, find patterns of emotions and automatic procedures I pass through till I ground myself again in calm indifference. And always they use your “dearest and nearest”, so whatever person or entity you are engaging in communication or exchange of information or emotional content, you can be sure the very same content and the very same person or entity will be used next to trick you into believing the one is involved, or in danger, whatever the situation offers. With the regularity of a clockwork, actually, which makes this story especially interesting – it picks up details from my postings the day before and the deriving dialogs. I can add the link of the text, that I transcripted rather accurat, to round it up.
It is btw completely impossible to sense the difference between the real Jinn, who sometimes are present, and the faked-copy of the grid in a short time. I need a while to test out the difference. Also it triggers reflexes of your muscles to test your reaction – tension, or answering with a specific expectation of what might be coming up. As it keeps repeating winning strategies, its main leverage points can be identified by me too after a while. It’s really sophisticated technology, and quite interesting to counter-research, but really poisoning your body of course, many devices use chemicals and frequencies that burdon body and mind a lot. And the assaults that take place once in a while are especially tedious of course. But in this case there are always human professionals controlling the scenario, so the situation is especially tricky. The above mentioned strategies doesn’t need human involvement, the grid is able to explore and test this shit out all by itself.
So if anybody is or will be experiencing encounter with the systems autorities and the grid (and EVERYBODY who wakes up and starts to realize things, will be targeted, because his energyfield will change from the former comatic state of mind to this new, activ output. The grid has a red light on at the same time and will give you attention) – this might be helpful information. It would have made my life so much easier if I would have had access to connection-dots of explanations like this. To find out every tiny detail on your own is really tough, especially because it is so far far away what we would dream of is possible, that it’s especially hard to analyse it – we cannot compare it with anything similar during all our life till this point. And there is a lot of information about the grid itself to find in the net, but weery technical data or pseudo positive-enlightend advice will not help you. YOU NEED TO STEP UP AND REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE THE ONE IN CONTROL! (for example) is one of the many incredibly stupid advices to give. We SHOULD be, but very obviously we are NOT, so shut your fucking piehole or remove the shit from our planet, I used to scream into the stupid faces who wanted to HELP with their videos, lol. The devine feminine, yea, super – bla. This are informations of use, and if anybody is hunted and has questions, I can most likely suggest something of worth in this regard, at least it could be worth a try. However – it still is true – we cannot be held down if we resist in awareness of what is happening. Which is important to know too.
Funny feeling – while writing it I estimate that there is nobody around any longer, who will read this and actually being able to process it or understand or even READ it. I am writing for empty flesh-vessels or ghosts, it feels as if I were in some endzeit-schwarzenegger-movie and write some message on the wall of a waste empty city, before I move on. Just in case… maybe to comfort myself, I act as if … however: thats what living on earth looks like, march 2019.

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